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    Evergreen Bridge Environmental Consultants, LLC is an environmental consulting firm headquartered in Anhui, China. It was founded in May 2011 by seasoned oversea returnees with extensive experiences in the environmental consulting, business, and engineering fields.

    We are committed to providing professional, scientific and comprehensive consulting services to government, business and organizational customers to satisfy their environmental needs. The main service areas include:
    •           Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Training, Consulting and Auditing
    •           Groundwater Impact Assessment
    •           Environmental Due Diligence
    •           Site Assessment
    •           Environmental Remediation
    •           Cleaner Production Audit
    •           Low Carbon Consulting
    •           Corporate sustainability
    Evergreen Bridge is based on social enterprise business model. We are dedicated to protecting environment and improving quality of life through market mechanism, combining profitable projects and non-profit activities to realize self-sustainable development. Net profit will be invested in company’s continuous development and public welfare. A third party, an accounting firm will perform annual audit and the audited financial statements will be released to the public.
    Collaborating with world-class environmental consulting firms and training organizations, Evergreen Bridge effectively targets at local challenges of environmental pollution and high energy consumption through applying advanced environmental protection concepts and technologies as well as best practices to specific regional situations.
    Evergreen Bridge’s business partners include two well-known US environmental consulting firms, Weston Solutions, Inc. and Trinity Consultants.  We also work with other NGOs to organize a series of non-profit workshops to promote environmental protection and sustainability.