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    Weston Solutions (WESTON®)

    Weston Solutions () is one of the top environmental consulting firms in the United States.  Weston Solutions has delivered integrated environmental, sustainability, property redevelopment, renewable energy, and construction solutions to the customers for more than a half century.

    Weston Solutions is renowned in the environmental remediation field. In the past 30 years, Weston Solutions has successfully completed thousands of soil and groundwater remediation projects, including hundreds of remediation projects in Greater China region.

    Trinity Consultants

    Trinity Consultants () is a U.S. environmental consulting company that specializes in industrial air quality issues. Trinity provides value to its clients in the areas of regulatory and sustainability consulting, environmental modeling software products and services, EHS staffing assistance, and EHS data management solutions.

    Trinity Consultants’ major clients in China include: Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEP South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China Institute for Radiation Protection and China Offshore Environmental Service, Ltd.

    Green Anhui

    Green Anhui () is a non-profit environmental organization that focuses on water environment protection, environment laws and policies, and public participation in Anhui Province. Green Anhui promotes sustainable development between humans and environment through creative environmental activities, public environmental education and policy advocacy. 

    EHS-CN Culture Communication Co. Ltd. (EHS.CN)

    EHS.CN () is a social enterprise committed to disseminating the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) culture in China. Its website provides an open platform for latest laws, regulations, standards, news, safety checklists and training materials in the EHS field. By sharing EHS knowledge and promoting best EHS practices, EHS.CN helps Chinese companies to improve their regulatory compliance and EHS performance.

    EHS Academy of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) Lingnan College
    The Academy is the first professional EHS training institution affiliated to Chinese universities. The EHS Academy of SYSU Lingnan College marks the first time that Chinese and U.S. experts from major brands such as GE and Walmart, have joined together to create world-class, independent, Chinese-owned and Chinese-staffed EHS training centers. The academy equips supply chain managers with the leadership skills they need to systematically address EHS priorities, including energy efficiency and pollution reduction. The training draws on the best practices of companies such as GE, Honeywell and Adidas, all of whom helped develop the core curriculum.

    GSD (China) Management Consulting Co. Ltd

    Initiated by Western Returned Scholars Association, GSD (Green Symbiosis Director) () is a professional consulting firm founded by Executive Management Services, Inc. (EMSI) in the UK. GSD is dedicated to promoting internationalization and standardization of EHS management practices within Chinese enterprises.