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    Enterprise Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Training Program

        Evergreen Bridge is committed to building an excellent Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) training platform for enterprises in China. Our high quality EHS training courses help Chinese companies and enterprises to improve EHS management concepts and skills, reduce safety accidents and occupational diseases, avoid non-compliance risk, decrease resource consumption, reduce operating costs, ensure normal operations, and achieve sustainable development objectives.

        In broad collaborations with domestic and overseas EHS experts with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and extensive practical skills, we offer EHS trainings in three flexible formats: open classes, on-site corporate trainings, and online courses.

    Open Classes/On-site Corporate Trainings


    Class Categories


    Management (Category I)

    EHS Culture Building and Leadership Training

    Chairman of the Board, General Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager/Supervisor, Corporate EHS Manager/ Supervisor, Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Technical / Engineering Manager

    EHS regulations and analysis of standards application

    Methodology (Category II)

    EHS hazard identification and risk assessment

    Corporate EHS staff, Operations Manager, Production Manager/Supervisor, Technical/Engineering Manager, Frontline staff



    Job Safety Analysis

    Process Risk Analysis

    Application of risk assessment model

    Emergency response and accident investigation and prevention

    Change management and preventive maintenance

    Occupational health hazards and monitoring

    Ergonomic Principles

    Lean Production, energy conservation and pollution reduction

    Clean Production

    5S/6S Lean Management

    (Category III)


    Management of hazardous chemicals

    Operations Manager, Production Manager/Supervisor, EHS Manager / Supervisor, Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Technical / Engineering Managers, Frontline Staff




    Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Fire and Explosion Prevention

    Protective Equipment

    Confined space

    Hot Work

    Operating hazards / special equipment

    Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Danger

    Aerial work

    Contractor Safety Management 


    Training methods: 
    Lectures, case studies, classroom exercises, group discussions, training materials, and field trips.

    Customized Enterprise Training: 
    Carefully designed to meet the customer’s needs and in accordance with the actual evaluation results of the company/plant. For example:

    ·       Environmental / safety management system

    ·       Safety hazards identification and elimination

    ·       Environmental risk identification and control

    ·       Occupational health (industrial hygiene)

    ·       Behavioral safety

    ·       Team leader safety training 

    Specialty Services:

    ·       Free consultation for EHS questions encountered by trainees in workplace.

    ·       Regular open discussion forums to facilitate EHS learning and information sharing.

    ·       Free EHS training for small/medium-sized Chinese companies with unsatisfactory financial performance.