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    Site Assessment and Environmental Remediation


    Contaminated Sites Assessment and Remediation

    With accelerating economic development and urban construction, many industrial enterprises gradually moved out of the city.  The original industrial land is gradually developing into residential or public building land, changing the nature of the land. Environmental problems left over by industrial enterprises may negatively impact soil and groundwater quality and harm the health of residents. "China National Environmental Protection 12th Five-Year Plan" clearly prohibits land transfer, development and utilization of contaminated sites without assessment and remediation.  Proper measures should be taken to prevent pollution diffusion and residential development of the severely contaminated site as confirmed by environmental assessment. 

    Evergreen Bridge provides comprehensive, effective, economic, safe and reliable environmental remediation services to customers with needs for contaminated site remediation.  We help our customers redevelop contaminated sites and avoid non-compliance risk which increases real estate value. Having broad on-site project management experience and excellent coordination skills with local contractors, our team can ensure customer satisfaction in efficient project implementation and competitive cost control.

    The services we offer include:

    • ·       Contaminated Site Assessment
    • ·       Remedial Investigation
    • ·       Feasibility study
    • ·       Remediation Design and Cost Estimation
    • ·       Remediation Implementation
    • ·       Operation and Maintenance
    • ·       Site Closure and Soil Reuse

    Environmental Due Diligence

    Environmental due diligence is an essential part in land transactions of any type to avoid “hidden” environmental liability issues and disputes among buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders. 

    Evergreen Bridge’s environmental due diligence service can help:

    • ·       enterprises in building and expansion to systematically evaluate environmental risks and liabilities, to effectively control present and future.
    • ·       environmental risks, thereby reducing investment risks.
    • ·       companies in mergers and acquisitions to thoroughly investigate the environmental conditions of target companies’ sites and facilities, to clarify roles and responsibilities for pollution control, thus reducing potential environmental risks.
    • ·       real estate developers in purchase of lands to circumvent unknown environmental liabilities, and negotiate reasonable prices in line with the environmental conditions of the lands.
    • ·       sellers in land transactions to truly understand the environmental problems of the lands and obtain favorable negotiation positions to sell the lands at reasonable prices. 

    Groundwater Impact Assessment

    Evergreen Bridge’s customers can benefit from our professional team’s broad knowledge and experience in groundwater, environmental site and impact assessment, and from our partners’ strong expertise in groundwater exploration, assessment and remediation.

    Strictly following the “Technical Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment: Groundwater Environment” issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, Evergreen Bridge’s professional, efficient, and courteous consultants can help our customers with all kinds of groundwater-related projects to meet relevant requirements for receiving approval in groundwater impact assessment.