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    Enterprise Cleaner Production Audit Consulting Service

    Evergreen Bridge Environmental Consultants, LLC is a registered key enterprises cleaner production audit consulting firm, approved by the Environmental Protection Department of Anhui Province in 2013. Consisting of a group of united and dedicated team of consultants, Evergreen Bridge can provide enterprises with cost-effective Cleaner Production Audit consulting services with integrated domestic and international resources, solid professional skills, responsible work attitude, and a spirit of commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction. Utilizing our Cleaner Production Audit consulting services, enterprises can successfully pass cleaner production assessments by authorized experts and achieve considerable economic and environmental benefits. 
    Key Industries:  
    Metal surface treatment, heat treatment processing, electrical machinery, equipment manufacturing, etc
    Consulting Service Fees: 
    The consulting service fees refer to the government guidance. Part of the service fees will be utilized to motivate the enterprise’s employees at all levels to actively participate in Cleaner Production Audit. A portion of the consulting service fees will be established as the fund for Cleaner Production Audit and the bonus for rewarding the employees who initiate Cleaner Production Audit program; another portion of the fees will be used as the work allowance for the members of Enterprise Audit Team. Bonus and work allowance will be paid within 3 working days once the Cleaner Production Audit report is passed. 

    Estimation of Cleaner Production Investment:
    In a Cleaner Production Audit, it is recommended for the enterprise to conduct at least two programs selected from the moderate- and high-cost options. Based on the definitions of moderate and high-cost programs following Cleaner Production Audit Regulations, it is recommended that each enterprise prepare at least 100,000 RMB for a Cleaner Production investment fund, including two moderate-cost programs with 50,000 RMB each.






    Investment (10,000 RMB)

    < 5

    5 ~ 10

    10 ~ 100


    Payback period (year)


    2 ~ 3

    < 5

    < 10

    Our Advantages:

        ● Help enterprises to obtain the most governmental funding support to reduce their economic pressure.

    We are familiar with the central and local policies from China’s Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Commission, Financial, and Environmental Protection Systems, in regard to energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and cleaner production.  Based on the drafted moderate or high-cost cleaner production program, our professionally written grant proposals, project proposals, and feasibility study reports can assist enterprises to obtain governmental funding for implementing a Cleaner Production Program. 

        ● Evergreen Bridge’s practical experience in Cleaner Production Audits can help enterprises successfully pass the audit by authorized experts. 

    In collaboration with our partner companies, Evergreen Bridge has successfully provided consulting services to well-known enterprises in Cleaner Production Audit programs. Familiar with the entire audit process and key precautions, we have a strong confidence in ensuring our customers to successfully pass the Cleaner Production Audit by authorized experts. 

        ● Evergreen Bridge’s first-class team of strong service-minded consultants will bring more values to our customers. 

    Evergreen Bridge’s talented and knowledgeable consultants include experts with extensive overseas education and work experience, and specialists holding graduate degrees from China’s top universities, as well as technical experts with practical work experience around the nation. Our highly credible consultants not only possess strong research and analysis skills, but also excel at quickly understanding and mastering enterprise’s production processes to solve practical problems.  By integrating concepts of domestic and international cleaner production technologies, Evergreen Bridge can provide optimized Cleaner Production Programs tailored to each customer’s needs. 

    “Special Dedication Service”

    Evergreen Bridge is committed to provide our customers free lifelong Q & A services in the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) field.