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    Luohe Household Biogas Digester Gold Standard VER Project

    Project introduction:
    This rural household biogas digester GS VER project we are currently developing is located in Henan province, China. It is a small-scale project and around 8,000 household bio-digesters of 10m3 are expected to be built from 2011 until the end of 2012. Villagers are going to use bio-digester to replace anthracite, biomass, LPG and electricity for cooking. The total CO2 reduction is estimated around 10,000 tones and the carbon revenue is estimated around 800,000 RMB.

    Project areas: Luohe, Henan, covering Wuyang County, Linying County, Yancheng District, Yuanhui District, Shaoling District.

    Project Development Timeline

    August, 2011

    Local Stakeholder Consultation Meeting

    November, 2011

    Local Stakeholder Consultation Report approved by GS

    May, 2012

    Baseline Survey

    June, 2012

    GS Passport and PDD completed

    December, 2012

    Validation completed

    January, 2013

    Project Survey (Monitor)

    May, 2013

    Verification completed

    August, 2013

    Gold Standard VER credits issuance

    Project Developer - Evergreen Bridge Environmental 

    For more information, please contact:Evergreen Bridge Environmental is an integrated environmental consulting company headquartered in Anhui, China. It is a social enterprise that applies capitalistic strategies to achieve philanthropic goals. No dividend is allowed to the stockholders. Net profit will be invested in company’s continuous development and public welfare.

    GS VER project development, especially related to rural renewable energy, is one of Evergreen Bridge Environmental’s main businesses. The project leader, Huajing Wen has been an expert hired by Gold Standard Foundation for LSC report review since 2010.

    Huajing Wen, President & Luohe Bio-digester GS VER Project Leader
    Email: wenhj62@
    Phone: +86-18756937279


    Grace Wen, VP of Business Development
    Email: wenyagrace@
    Phone: +1-484-3564151

    Evergreen Bridge Environmental, LLC
    79 Science Avenue, High Technology Zone Incubator, Building 1-109#
    Gaoxin District, Hefei, Anhui, China 230088
    Company Phone/Fax:+86-551-65306297
    Company Website:www.